David L. Deming’s world of lively canine sculptures captures the artist’s love for dogs and presents a whimsical look at four-legged behavior at its best.

His extensive and unique collection of painted steel and lacquered steel dog sculptures, which range in scale from 56-inches to eight-feet in height, are assembled using steel pipe, vintage hand tools, sheet metal and other material that the artist has skillfully welded together, creating life-like depictions of memorable pets in rather human-like scenarios.

From his stately “Guard Dog” which Deming posed atop a steel table perch, to “Welder’s Helper,” which depicts a studious-looking canine offering up an antique pipe wrench to his master, Deming’s dog sculpture collection adds a lighthearted focal point to any residential or commercial living space, presenting art collectors with the opportunity to enjoy man’s best friend without having to put up with the loud barking.